A Self-Interested Party

Engineer-legislator gets sued over a public works project, then backs a bill that releases him from indemnifying future projects

Public-interest lawyer Hogan says it's impossible to eliminate all conflicts, but thinks it's reasonable to ask legislators to distance themselves from legislation having a direct impact on their profession or employer.

However, he doesn't see it happening anytime soon.
Hogan adds, "They [legislators] have convinced themselves that nobody does anything out of self-interest."

Meanwhile, the City of Scottsdale is sponsoring a resolution--to be considered this month during the annual meeting of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns--that urges state lawmakers to reconsider SB1207, the indemnity waiver.

A legislative study committee was recently appointed to review the new law and consider options. Appointed to the committee were senators Keith Bee, Patti Noland and Mary Hartley, and representatives Barry Wong, David Armstead and David Eberhart.

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