His Master's Voice

"TWA Flight 800," says brother Daryle matter-of-factly. "Dave seen it happen two days before it happened."

David continues with his facts.
"It was shot down by a ground-to-air missile. It was shot from a strip of sandy beach, wasn't populated or nothing, and it was a UPS truck that was backed up, and they popped the doors open, and they had a launcher."

He had a vision about the Olympics, "saw the guy that hid the bomb--actually, there's two of them--he's a short, red-haired dude, kind of a Poindexter-looking guy. There's another guy who's heavyset, a fat guy. The guys that did the bomb walked by the camera on TV, and I said, 'That's the guys that did it.'"

David's most recent revelation is that there will be a "major eruption" somewhere around the Volcano Islands, Iwo Jima or possibly from Mount Fuji. You heard it here first.

"Nowadays when I have visions and stuff, it's not black and white, and it don't look like a photo or a movie or nothing, it's like clear images of the past you would have thinking of your past," explains David. Except it's of the future. "I do know that there's supernatural things that happen on this planet because the Bible tells you they do."

As for "Don Quixote and Sancho Panza," the painting, lithograph, whatever it is, it spends most of its time these days in a reinforced briefcase in a bank vault, say the Barneses.

If most of their objectives have yet to be fulfilled--free drugs for the elderly, trust funds for their relations (a personal disclosure: David said I can have 10 percent of whatever they sell the artwork for)--they are continuing to do God's work.

And they are persevering, even though they know their story looks strange from the outside.

"We're not weird, we're not drugged out or anything," Debbie says with complete conviction. "We're just ordinary people that this happened to."

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