Alvarez was treated outrageously by New Times. However he became a judge really isn't an issue--he is the judge. If New Times wants to attack Fife Symington, do it fair and square. Don't backdoor the attack through Alvarez.

I have found Judge Alvarez to be a man who deeply cares about the law and the rules of procedure. While some of my clients have been hammered by Alvarez, I know that when I make a legal argument, or when my opponent makes a legal argument, Alvarez listens. His decisions, even the ones I disagree with, are based on the law and a fine sense of fairness.

New Times and its "crack" reporter should be ashamed for such a badly researched, meanspirited and biased attack on Ramon Alvarez.

Craig Williams, deputy public defender

Sale of the Century
I wanted to drop a line about Peter Gilstrap's column about the guy who spent $10,000 for an escort (Screed, August 1). After reading Gilstrap's work in New Times for some time now, I don't think he'd bother to write a story like that just because it would elicit a yuk or two from the readership.

It says something about the nature of life in late-20th-century America. That guy's situation says two things: Everything is for sale nowadays, and a lot of lonely people are out there. After all, this guy wasn't just buying sex (which has been for sale for a long time), he was buying simple companionship. Companionship--and all the warm, fuzzy feelings that go with it--has for a long time been considered something that is strictly not for sale, that can't be bought, in fact.

Despite urbanization, despite rapid means of communication and transportation, a lot of people can't get their recommended daily dose of human contact without literally having to buy it. People everywhere and, yet, no one knows anyone or cares to.

Aaron C. Schepler
via Internet

Blank Screen
Arrowhead 14 (AMC) is one of the largest, if not the largest, theatres in the Phoenix area. It opened August 2, and New Times' movie listing did not show it. This is the sort of carelessness one would expect from the daily newspapers, not from New Times. I had to actually call the theatre to get times. Just holding New Times to a higher standard.

Jack Levantino
via Internet

Editor's note: All movie titles and times received before press time are included in each issue's Showtimes listing. The responsibility for sending along that information rests with the theatres.

Facts and Figures
New Times has disclosed that Governor Fife Symington apparently "splurged" on undergarments at Victoria's Secret (Flashes, July 25). Well-kept secrets? Ha!

How about these two for starters? Jana Bommersbach's weight, and the IQ of Mary Rose Wilcox. Now we're talking secrets.

Arthur G. Moser

Almost every week, Fife Symington's attorney objects to allowing any other attorney to have anything that might possibly be helpful in determining the governor's guilt in the various matters at hand. His attorney has resorted to name-calling and has repeatedly insulted Symington's creditors' attorney for trying to get documents relating to the case.

Why does this governor believe that he should be treated differently from any other defendant? Perhaps when one is born into wealth, one feels that one is better than everybody else and shouldn't have to obey the same laws as the common people.

Pat Jones
via Internet

Fate Is the Hunter
Well, I guess getting shot in the head is pretty bloody heavy (Screed, June 20). I was robbed at gunpoint in my apartment once; I still wonder about kids who see life with such a disregard for the depth and breadth it can have--and how stupid it is to waste someone.

There are just too many impossible coincidences that lead to anyone coming into existence--a left turn by your great-great-great-grandfather instead of a right and you wouldn't be here. Life's preciously unique in each of us. I hope you live long and prosper, Bob, you've certainly had your share of bad breaks.

Paul Marcano
via Internet (Canada


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