Bean a Long Time Coming

Starbucks, the high-powered gourmet coffee-house chain, finally finds grounds for expansion into Arizona

And what do coffee drinkers themselves think about Starbucks coming to town? "It won't change what we have here now," says Carolyn Westermann from a patio chair at the Coffee Plantation in Biltmore Fashion Park. At a nearby table, Bill Givan says he plans to check out Starbucks, just out of curiosity.

But Gladys Breitler's response may give company planners the sort of shakes that come from a 6 a.m. double espresso. She was relaxing over an early morning coffee at Town & Country Shopping Center's Dos Baristas when she was informed about Starbucks' impending arrival. "Starbucks?" she said quizzically. "I have no idea what it is.

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