Just when you thought (or at least hoped) we'd seen the end of Ramones covers, notorious punk smart ass Reverend Norb (liner notes excerpt: "Unauthorized duplication would pay off more on Screeching Weasel's Ramones LP") and his band Boris the Sprinkler spit out the Ramones' entire 1980 End of the Century LP, reworked Sprinkler-style. If you can get past that every two-bit, punk-rock outfit with an idol complex has done a Ramones cover project in the past two or three years, this punk parody comes across as a fine, funny effort. The revised intro to "Rock 'n' Roll Radio" offers a hilarious explanation of why the band chose to decimate End of the Century over other, arguably more classic Ramones recordings: "We passed that other lackluster piece of shit [Road to Ruin] on to the Mr. T Experience ,who, being from Berkeley, California, cannot be held responsible for their actions." Highlights are "Baby, I Love You" (originally a Phil Spector song), "I'm Affected" and "This Ain't Havana," which kicks the ass of the original version (gasp, sacrilege). (Clearview Records, 2157 Pueblo Drive, Garland, TX 75040)

Locals Snap Krackle Drop just released what will be its last seven-inch on bassist Will Tynor's Social Retardance label. SKD is no longer with us, but with No Love, the band leaves behind a decent representation of the '77 punk/death-rock crossbreed it spawned (picture Sex Pistols vocals/guitar mingled with 45 Graves' horror-show dramatics and Bauhaus' gloomy paranoia). The title track leans a little too hard on the Pistols side of the equation--as in it sounds just like them--but the B-sides "Big Brother" and "Crematorium" make up the difference. A nice slab of Valley punk-rock history you can show your grandkids someday. (Social Retardance Records, P.O. Box 25666 [ooh, the mark of Satan], Tempe, AZ 85285-5666 [hey, now, this is getting creepy.])

--Brendan Kelley

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