Carlota Complaints

Tribes allege that archaeological and burial sites on mine grounds are being violated

And there have been snafus with repatriations in the past. A 1990 repatriation of 800 human remains and 2,000 ceramic vessels unearthed during construction of the Papago Freeway turned into a political nightmare for the Arizona Department of Transportation. And despite efforts to prevent it, some of those materials turned up for sale on the black market.

Those disagreements and politico-cultural black holes are not likely to go away.

Nor is the Carlota Mine.
"Nobody's real happy about this mine," Wood confesses. "You talk to anybody in the Forest Service. If we had our druthers, we'd just tell these people to go back to Canada. But the law doesn't let us do that. So we've got to do what we've got to do. As a result, we do it as conscientiously as we can, hoping that--who knows--the whole thing will get to be such a burden that it [the mine] goes away.

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