Never Mind the Macarena--Do the Freddie!

Ten other zany dance crazes that shook the world

On the plus side, requests for this camp classic will usually "clam up" annoying Elvis impersonators.

6. The Batusi (1966)
On the pilot for the enormously popular Batman TV series, the Caped Crusader strolled into a discotheque, ordered a glass of orange juice and proceeded to impress guest star Jill St. John with his go-go prowess. His ensuing batty interpretation of the then-popular Watusi was largely ad-libbed at a moment's notice by masked thespian Adam West. The Batusi recently enjoyed a brief revival after John Travolta dusted it off for the Jack Rabbit Slim's scene in Pulp Fiction, but like reruns of the show, West didn't score any residuals for the Batusi, either.

7. The Funky Chicken (1970)
Besides giving the music world his lovely daughter Carla, Rufus Thomas supplied us with a slew of doggone-dance discs in the early Sixties, including "Do the Dog," "Walking the Dog," "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?" and the recording that ended his canine streak, "Somebody Stole My Dog." In the Seventies, Thomas moved farther down the food chain for the cocksure "Do the Funky Chicken," which instructed all willing pupils to flap their arms around and pour gravy all over themselves. As Rufus himself put it during the midsong break, "I feel so unnecessary."

8. The Hustle (1975)
Van McCoy's No. 1 smash single-handedly reintroduced young people to the idea of dancing together. Eventually, the Hustle gave birth to the Bump, a kind of booty-body check that could send partners sprawling to opposite ends of the disco with a dislocated hip.

9. The Moonwalk (1983)
For the record, the fancy footwork with which Michael Jackson dazzled the world was actually the Backslide. For it to be the Moonwalk proper, he would've had to Backslide in a complete circle. The media incorrectly labeled it the Moonwalk, and Jacko never corrected the obvious mistake. Too bad, since Backslide would've been a far more appropriate title for his tell-nothing autobiography.

10. Vogueing (1990)
Even poseurs have to dance sometime. Madonna's chart-topping smash appealed to mimes, runway models, mannequins, out-of-work actors who fancied themselves the next Garbo and people who were just too tired to do any real dancing. Say cheeeeese!

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