Servers Turn the Tables

The best customers, he says, are fellow servers. "They know how to speak, what to ask for. They're not balancing their knives on the edge of the plate." He appreciates it when customers who are also food servers automatically put their utensils or other dishes on their plates to show they're done--but he doesn't expect it of everyone. "After all, they're paying to be waited on," he says.

What he likes is for customers to tell him what they want. Tuberty says it helps, for example, when the customer makes a food server aware of a time crunch.

"If you're in a hurry, tell the waiter. If you're kicking back, kick back," Tuberty suggests. "If time's a consideration, let us know. We have good chefs here who can just bat it out."

Tuberty tries to keep track of the events going on in downtown Tempe to help his customers move along on schedule.

Ironically, says Tuberty, his favorite customers sometimes are not the kindest. He says he enjoys a challenge.

Once in a while, a diner may be grumpy; then, says Tuberty, he will "kill them with kindness."

"I get a big rush out of it. If a hostess says, 'They're real jerks,' I'll head right over to that table. It becomes my goal to make those people happy."

So, choose your poison--be grumpy, or not. Better yet, be famous--maybe you'll be asked to sign Mrs. White's wall.

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