Christopher T. Frank
Madison Street Jail

Toxic Logic
For whom does Howard Stansfield work--the Chemical-Medical-Vivisection Syndicate ("Deadly Panacea," September 19)? Is David Hudson well-meaning, crazy or a "snake-oil salesman"? If he is the latter, then he is following in big footsteps, that being the granddaddy of poison peddlers J.D. Rockefeller. Yes, the founder and owner of Standard Oil was one of the best at pushing toxic cures on trusting patients. It was J.D. Rockefeller's father who peddled the first "new oil" cure for cancer. His primitive but successful ventures convinced J.D. (the first) that petroleum-based drugs were the market of the future.

AZT, ddi and other antiviral drugs are extremely toxic. The clinical evidence points away from giving allopathic poisons to anyone who is immune-compromised, as in the case of AIDS or cancer. In the past year, 1.5 million Americans had to be hospitalized as a result of the intake of drugs that were supposed to "cure" them. Tens of thousands of those people died.

The public has been brainwashed into equating "medical care" with "health," whereas the exact opposite applies; modern medicine has become the principal cause of disease. The Drug Trust conducts "alibi" experiments (vivisection) and can always say "all the prescribed tests" were done. After all, it didn't kill the lab rat.

David C. Brainerd
Action Against Vivisection
Sun City West

Editor's note: I see.

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