Enterprise 1, Earth 0
It was comforting to note that a philosopher, a dentist and some first-year science students have banded together to save our world ("Owl See You in Court," Michael Kiefer, August 1). From this and other articles, they present themselves as self-appointed experts on the health of the forest and its species, and on global warming. Isn't it strange that when real scientists--climatologists and atmospheric physicists--were asked if there is any evidence of greenhouse warming in a recent Gallup poll, 83 percent said no?

A group of world-class scientists acted as a Peer Review Panel for the United Nations when it was studying climate change. This panel's findings were: 1. None of the studies has shown clear evidence that we can contribute climate change to the specific cause of increasing greenhouse gases. 2. No study to date has positively attributed all of or part of the climate changes to manmade causes.

These being the facts, why are Kieran Suckling and Peter Galvin going through all this trouble and hard work? You might ask why I, who work for a corporation--and corporations, according to Suckling, Galvin and their kind, stand for all things bad--can challenge their sincerity. It's simple. Corporations and the free enterprise system have provided the best standard of living this world has ever seen. Of course, it is not perfect, but it is a far sight better than the type of life in Russia and eastern Europe.

Answering the question about why Suckling and Galvin work so hard at creating havoc, it's the free enterprise system. From my past experience with other activists, they are being paid handsomely. No matter how they appear to live, they are successes of the free enterprise system.

Gerald M. Freeman
Chicago, Illinois

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