Some of the people who reside in Tent City are not as bad as the Joke makes them out to be. Someone should inform this lad that everyone is a human being and everyone deserves to be treated like a human being, and that Sheriff Joke does not practice that aspect of life.

Marshall Yingling
via Internet

Editor's note: Peter Gilstrap, the author of the column written in the voice of a fourth-grader, is actually a fully formed adult. Nonetheless, he has been grounded.

Reeling in the Ears
The article about Harkins Theatres was interesting and amusing ("Lobe, American Style," Dewey Webb, July 25). As a former resident of Tempe, I doubt that people in the Phoenix area have to be protected from male earrings! I now live in Southern California, and earrings are a common sight on males.

Ronald D. Steinbach
via Internet

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