My Dog Is Lost! Details at 10.

Why you shouldn't own a dog that won't fit under the seat in front of you

Hudson was not available for comment. Phil Alvidrez, Channel 3 news director, was not aware of the story.

"God, we're everything to everybody," he said, laughing, when he heard about it last week. Alvidrez says stories about reporters and other Channel 3 staff are not prohibited, as long as the viewers are informed as such.

"You have to decide if this is a good story or not," Alvidrez adds.
The story--only 20 seconds long, but complete with footage taken from the Channel 3 helicopter--aired. Maggie, who apparently was not watching, did not turn herself in.

Then someone suggested a trap. It was set up in a spot at the airport Maggie had frequented and was baited with liver treats and a blanket from home. William and a friend camped out in sleeping bags, hoping to catch her, since the dog was more active at night.

Sure enough, the trap worked. "[Maggie had] a little gash here and there, but nothing outrageous. Of course, when I got her home, she drank a lot of water and was hungry," William says.

Although they praise airport security officials, the LaJeunesses are still teed off at both America West and United.

Lori was insulted when--after the dog got loose--she was handed $100 worth of United Airlines vouchers as an apology.

"I just thought it was so tacky," she says.
United's Garrity says the airline bent over backward to find the dog. "I feel that we did do everything possible," he says.

Channel 3 reported Maggie's safe return home on its 10 p.m. newscast November 9.

Although Maggie's capture made the news, it wasn't because her escape was a first of its kind. Sky Harbor operations supervisor Scott Maxwell says pets escape and roam the airport grounds for some period of time at least a couple times a year.

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