Drear Diary

10/21: Don't feel like writing.
10/22: Don't feel like writing.
10/23: Suzie's gone home.

No hot water for four days and air conditioning running continuously. I wash my hair in the sink in room last night with cold water. Freezing. I can't get out of bed it's so cold and wear all of my clothes.

Arpaio here with TV cameras today. What an asshole.
11:45 a.m. Visit with my attorney. Across the hall the excess guards are laughing and eating. They eat to stay fat.

[Two hours later.] I wait all this time for an "escort" back to my cell.
I must remember to give books to Estrella. I want to give or donate whatever I can to help.

10/24: They forget me for court so I go to W.O.W., and at 9 a.m. they come back for me--but I didn't have to go to the dungeon!

Officer M---- and Officer D---- stopped at Circle K for a smoke, New Times, a cop magazine and coffee.

We end up 45 minutes late to court.
They bring me in to the courtroom and back to the holding cell three times before they figure things out. Don't get back to Estrella until 7 p.m. No food and it's freezing.

10/27: Attorney finally here. Worst case state prison 8 months. Best case reinstatement and go home. Middle of the road: go home [and probation]. May not be able to be released until Tuesday. They will allow me to look for a job but I must tell them where I am at all times.

11/5: Transferred to Tents.
11/6: So cold and no heat or thermals. No phone--on restriction because the yard is dirty.

11/7: Hot in day and freezing at night.
11/8: Guards called me out at 3 a.m. for yesterday's newspaper.
11/9: Wrote grievance yesterday. Told to "roll up" and sent to lockdown because I wrote grievance. In tiny room with four girls and one toilet. Guard broke one girl's leg and she had to have surgery and pins. He broke it with his bare hands.

Germaine Steudler was released on November 11.

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