What's $2.995 Million Between Former Enemies?

Stunning settlement frees cult deprogrammer Rick Ross from almost all of $3 million judgment

Berry says that Scott talked briefly to the Washington Post last week to make it clear he has not been kidnaped or coerced. Scott is not making futher comment to media inquiries, Berry says.

"Mr. Moxon has refused to turn over any [of Scott's legal] files and has filed a motion in the federal district court in the state of Washington requesting a hearing on whether or not Jason Scott is being held captive and is acting against his will," Berry says. (On December 5, the federal court refused to consider Moxon's motion.)

"I, in the meantime, have filed a complaint with the California state bar, asking the state bar to intervene on the question of turning over the files to me. And I'm also urging the state bar to turn the matter over to the U.S. attorney for further investigation."

Ross expresses relief that the case has been settled, but acknowledges that his own carelessness with the settlement has produced problems. "I shared the agreement with a friend who apparently leaked it, and it ended up in the hands of the Washington Post," he says.

The premature announcement of the settlement, Berry says, made Scott so angry he may ask Ross to renegotiate terms. Berry refused to say what services Ross would provide to Scott under the agreement. But, the lawyer said, it would be a mistake to assume that Scott's decision to make use of Ross' time was a vindication of Ross or his deprogramming methods.

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