Senator Jon Kyl says that we were deceived, that we could not understand the initiative's three or four simple sentences. Governor Fife Symington, indicted on more than two dozen felony charges, including fraud (now there's credibility), once again shows contempt for the people of Arizona, first threatening to veto the measure, then declaring that the Legislature could "adjust" the law. There is a certain irony in this. Our governor may soon be forced to resign membership in one club that he is particularly fond of. It's called "registered voters."

They got part of it right. We don't understand how an otherwise law-abiding citizen could face a felony conviction and jail time for first-offense possession of a small amount of marijuana. We don't understand why someone who uses marijuana to prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy is a menace to society. We don't understand anachronistic, draconian drug laws. We do understand a few things. People who commit violent crimes while under the influence of any drug should serve their entire sentence. And what is the drug associated with crime more than all others? Alcohol. We understand that current drug-prevention programs are ineffective. That it's time for a new approach.

Yes, Jon and Fife, we understand. By a two-to-one margin. It's called democracy.

Scott Gidley

Loss Cause
New Times' story of Lloyd's of London Names in America ("How Not to Make a Shilling in Insurance," Tony Ortega, December 12) has a familiar plot that I first saw when I was 4 years old, and my friend Billy lost all his marbles and went home crying to his mother. She made us give back the marbles. Up to that time, Billy had no problem keeping our marbles.

The tremendous financial district of New York and the fabulous casinos of Las Vegas were built with money from the same suckers who do not know how to hang on to their money.

What really hurts is that now, the Arizona Lloyd's Names want Arizona tax dollars spent so that they can get out of their obligations.

If one thinks the whining is bad now, just wait until the 1997 crash hits the American sheep in the stock market! BAAA! BAAAA! Keep up the good work.

Joe L. Galvan

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