The bottom line here is that it's not asking too much for people who want to become citizens to make the effort to become citizens. In this case, all we get is visas being renewed and expiring, pleas for political asylum (with no reason given) and the assumption of citizenship upon marriage. If Oscar Fuchslocher had tried to apply for citizenship then encountered an onslaught of bureaucracy, I could have some sympathy. When the Internal Revenue Service comes to pick me up for not filing taxes, can I claim foul because its forms and organizational structure are too confusing and "Byzantine"? I think not. Sorry, Oscar, but things only get tougher after INS.

Larry Eglinton

R.I.P. Rave
How is it that New Times can erect a tombstone for the lounge scene when it hasn't even found its way to the Valley yet (Coda, January 2)? In the meantime, I expect that in 1997, New Times readers will be treated to half a dozen articles about that ever-cutting-edge rave scene, as if it were 1992.

Brother Bill
via Internet

The names of promoter and club owner Rob Denewith and his company, Rob Denewith Presents, were misspelled in a January 16 article about Boogie Knights.

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