For Your Ice Only

Maybe it's all about respect. Maybe it's all about love. Maybe it's something that hits you out of nowhere and you realize it's in your blood. Youngs ponders the mysterious attraction of this thing Zamboni.

"I was sitting around, not really knowing what I wanted to do [in my life], and I came upon this and started driving and having fun. I kinda stuck with it."

Though he has his dreams--"I want to work up to running my own rink, eventually, and get off the machine"--the Zam, well, she's a lover that maybe a fella really never gets over.

"Give it up?" says a startled Youngs. "I wouldn't be able to totally give it up, I'd go out there, have some fun. And I would personally train everyone. I've gotten basically so attached to this principle of making the ice, when it's kind of your baby, you better watch over it."


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