One day I am going to wake up and find I am falsely accused of extremism, or of being too strong a Christian, and they will have the right to search my property without warrants, take away my free speech and confiscate my property and savings because there won't be anyone left to speak up. I believe it is time for the silent majority to exercise what is left of its free speech and speak out loudly!

Name withheld

Minor Point
Every Thursday, I pick up New Times from any one of nine or 10 distribution points, scan the Letters section, then the contents for the Kid Pics listings. My 7-year-old daughter and I have come to rely on this section for the "can't miss" information about the Valley's plays, shows, festivals, parades and special events. We will typically plan a whole weekend around one or more events from this section.

What happened? Has someone deemed this section to be unappreciated?
If anything, the listings for kids could be more complete. I've noticed significant events for kids go without mention. This could be the responsibility of the organization holding the event. And, as to value, parents read New Times for things to do on the weekend, not the kids.

Robert Schoenlank
via Internet

Editor's note: Kid Stuff listing at the end of the Thrills section contains the information that ran formerly under the headings of Kid Pics and Kid Thrills.

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