And if these people choose to persecute him simply because he is singing a song written by Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper (evil Satan worshipers who sacrifice animals and eat small children . . . I'm sure!), they need to take another look at themselves before they attack Boone. A lot of Metal Mood songs sound like downright groovin', cool cat jams, and some are big-band smoothies. Considering Pat Boone's background--religious and all--it seems that he doesn't see anything wrong with the songs on his album, and that alone I bet could get the PMRC and other Bible-bangin' churchgoers and people with Leave It to Beaver simplistic ideals on how life should be into a ripe ol' frenzy.

This CD not only brings forth the obvious, but also breaks the bounds that society has cast on various forms of music. If Pat Boone can jam a Metallica tune, that tells me he's a true musician playing for the enjoyment of it, not the financial and properness of it. Hats off to Pat Boone. I crank that CD up all the time. . . . It rocks hard in a softer way . . . it's your kinder, gentler metal!

Mike Flippin
via Internet

Bill and Coo
Why aren't Bill Blake's album reviews in New Times every week ("Trashman," February 27)? We never laughed so hard in our lives. Blake's writing brought back so many fond memories of white-trash, drunken nights. We swear we grew up with Blake's neighbor Red and know him personally.

Please don't deprive us, or we'll rip out the editor's spleen.
Amy Mugavero and Rob Parenzan

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