True, a member of Chopper One, Jason Cropper, was at one time a member of Weezer. This was in 1993-94. When it received a deal with DGC, Jason left, and Brian Bell was called in. He is now the guitarist, and has been since the first album. That was all four years ago. New Times' quick kick of information, letting people know he was once a part of Weezer, caused false assumptions.

Weezer's current tour just stopped and people who don't know of Chopper One or Weezer may assume that Brian Bell has gone into a new band, which is completely false. He's still in Weezer, and while Weezer is not touring, Bell is working with his side project the Spacetwins in L.A. This was the first thing that I thought of, and I'm hoping it didn't give some people the idea that Bell has gone away and joined another band. As much as I like Chopper One, and enjoy the little publicity it is receiving, even if it is just a snippet of it, I don't think that the side heading of the band should contain the ex-Weezer guitarist.

Jason Cropper and his band are obviously trying to go somewhere with Chopper One, and if they wanted to be labeled like that, they would have named their band Ex-Guitarist of Weezer. It is a stupid, thoughtless remark and it really made me quite angry. Maybe next time New Times will think through something before it writes.

Jen Hagen

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