In the first part, the film's characters seemed distant, even removed, from any true human interaction with each other, creating too sterile a setting. If there had been a bit more feeling portrayed by the characters I might have been able to focus more on the true underlying "plot." I was more obsessed with how they were so uninvolved with each other, so as to deny myself any chance to get more absorbed by the film.

In the latter half, the film takes on less of a fantasy tone. The scene where Robert Loggia takes a ride in a Mercedes is classic. It so perfectly portrays how people would like to react when confronted on the road by obnoxious individuals.

I found it hard to fathom how the two distinctly different halves related to each other. While I don't consider myself particularly dense when it comes to deciphering complex films, I do have to admit that this one had me reconsidering my abilities. I plan to rent it when it comes out on video, because as I mentioned, I can't justify another seven dollars to figure this one out.

Chad Harrison Ford
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Howard Hues
I have been a Howard Stern fan since his days at WNBC ("Stern und Drang," Robert Wilonsky, March 6). I've seen him develop his style and grow and am truly amazed at his success. One area that tends to irritate Stern is when writers take advantage of the infrequent interviews he allows to trash him.

This article hits the nail on the head. The author seems to "know" Stern. Wait a minute . . . nobody knows Stern. But, I'd guess that Stern will be pleased with this article!

John Bliven
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