Not Victim Enough

Kimberly Boyden got choked, broken and bitten when Michael Richard Logan got rough. But county prosecutors say she doesn't have a case.

Boyden would also like to know what happened to the condom found at the crime scene. Scottsdale Detective Scott Popp now says he lied to Logan when he told him there was semen in the condom.

Boyden doesn't believe that.
Now, Boyden may finally get the answer to her question. Last week, Popp told New Times he has located the condom and intends to have it DNA-tested through the Department of Public Safety. He maintains that there was nothing in it.

Boyden still lives in the house where she says she was attacked. She has bought a German shepherd, beefed up her security system and stacked cinder blocks against her back fence as an escape route.

She has guns in every room, and flashbacks almost every night.
She hasn't undergone any counseling. And says she won't.
"I like the anger," Boyden says. "I don't want anyone to erase what happened, to get me to try to forgive and forget, because there's no way in hell he's ever going to be forgiven from me. He can rot in hell.

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