I Like the Sprite in You

"Marilyn has one real nice story," says Thomas, who proceeds to tell her story. "She always remembered having an angel in her room as a child and being fascinated with it and talking with it and actually calling it a Thomas angel. We went back to that time, and she had gone through a very traumatic experience and I appeared on another dimension to her and she had no framework to understand that, so she related to me as an angel, a Thomas angel."

I sit there and listen. Marilyn speaks.
"I was raised Catholic. Ha, ha, ha!"
Make of that what you will, but here's an example of how the Little People can enter one's everyday life. As they do with Twintreess.

"We were up in Minnesota doing a Festival fund raiser, staying in a woman's house," says Thomas. "We made some supper, it was late, I cleaned up, I did all the dishes in the sink and went to bed. Got up in the morning, and the very first thing I did was go to the kitchen to get a drink of water. There were four glasses that had been used, washed and placed upright in the sink drying pan, placed in a geometrical pattern. Nobody had been in the house, nothing had happened.

"But we just knew that somebody had been there, so we checked in with our spirit guys and they said, 'Yeah, the hobbits came and they had a party and they were nice enough to clean up after themselves.'"

Yes, hobbits were made up by J.R.R. Tolkien, but let's not worry about that detail.

"What I could have done was just gone on my busy day and forget it ever happened, which is what most people do," Thomas reasons. "Instead of that, we stopped, talked about it and made it an instance that was real. It's a multidimensional miracle that is now a part of our lives."

Since we're on the subject of miracles, let us now meet Turkll. He's the troll who's behind Festival, the being who frequently speaks through Marilyn. You can also purchase the Turkll Delight: Enter the Adventure video for $15.88 plus shipping and handling, and the Turkll tee shirt in natural earth tone and raspberry ink for the close-out price of $8.99.

Thomas tells me if I'm interested, they'd be "perfectly willing to let me meet Turkll."

"It'd be cool," says Marilyn softly.
I'm sitting only a foot or so away from her, and she bows her head. Takes a deep breath. Seconds pass, and Marilyn looks up. Except it is no longer Marilyn. I mean it is, but it isn't. She--sorry, Turkll--speaks in a rat-a-tat-tat, high-pitched voice, kind of like Lou Costello when he's scared by a mummy or a werewolf and can't find Bud Abbott; or early, zany Jerry Lewis.

Turkll is exceedingly friendly, almost childlike.
"Hi, buddy! I'm Turkll!"
I introduce myself. Then Turkll tells me how he tried to get on Oprah. Then Turkll tells me some more things.

"I'm an inner-Earth being, I'm simultaneously everywhere, just like you humans are. You know what, if you don't remember that it happens in your dream-time activity. You guys visit me, otherwise you wouldn't even be talking to me right now . . .

"I'm six. I didn't say years, I just like the number six.
"Part of my service is being around humans while the planet is evolving very, very rapidly."

I ask if Turkll thinks the millennium will bring destruction.
"I certainly hope so!" he gushes. "Like it's working now? People say it's falling down, it's all coming to ruin. I say, yeah, good. Did you want to save any part of it?"

We decide to play word association.
Michael Jackson:
"Oh. Innocent."
Baked potato:
"No. I was thinking of Nancy Reagan saying, 'Just say no.'"
I ask Turkll what he thinks of me.

"I think you're listening and that you're intrigued and generally your life does not support this."

I ask for spiritual advice.
"You have around you a great deal of beings that are very much associated with what I would call inner-Earth beings. I will give you some general characteristic. They are beings that know how to manifest, they are beings that understand form and they understand honoring form and structure and how that is a place for Spirit to operate from. And it's important that you know that about you because sometimes you get frustrated with that part. Even if you are making obstacles for yourself, perfect! Nobody can do it better than you. Celebrate that!"

All Hitler got was "embrace."
Finally, as we bid Turkll adieu, Marilyn returns, seemingly unaware of what has transpired. But what has transpired? I don't know; after all, my life does not support this. That hardly matters, as Twintreess tell me their work, their Festival, has the backing of all plant life.

"Most of all, they tell us messages of affirmation," says Thomas. "They say, 'We support all that you are, and we invite you to co-create with us. The Earth is an amazing place and we know you are unlimited.'"

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