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ASU's 5 AZ Pieces scores a 10

But it's that very naivete that provides these plays with their fresh, guileless conviction and with much of their humor. Katan's blackouts made me laugh at the vapidity of her MTV generation, but they left me feeling unhip and middle-aged for not getting some of the references--I was pleased to discover that "a mobile home up my ass" means I'm disturbed about something, but I'm still not certain whether Katan's homage to Pedro Zamora, the actor from MTV's The Real World who died from AIDS last year, was meant to be ironic or sincere.

No matter. These fresh, unconventional bits of theater provide a brisk evening's entertainment as well as a peek into the future of contemporary playwriting. If this show is any indication, the next generation of theatergoers won't have to suffer through repeated remounts of old Neil Simon plays. Bravo.

5 AZ Pieces continues through Saturday, May 3, at ASU's Lyceum Theatre, Myrtle and Forest in Tempe. For more details, see Calendar.

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