Production used its people mercilessly. So it's really no wonder people left in droves, and are still leaving. It's a spirit-breaking company. Sure, to be fair, the station did do some good work and pushed the convention of news reporting in some areas, but just because something is different or over the top does not necessarily mean it's good. The truth be told, it was a sham then and it's a sham now.

Jennifer Dichter

Music for Music's Sake
Rock 'n' roll in the Valley has always been about rebellion. From the very beginning, rock artists lay themselves on the line, displaying the pain, emotion and triumphant power that come from living on society's margins, and all for a little applause, a little recognition.

I am grateful that I will never know the psychic hell the late Doug Hopkins went through to create his art. I will never have the courage and conviction that it must take for people like Peter Gunnstrap, David Hockhouse and Selena Dominic to get up each day, confront their thinning hair in the mirror and continue to "rock to live, live to rock."

Derek Monypeny

David Holthouse responds: And remember, Derek, I'm not just a member of the New Times music section's hair club for men--I'm also the editor.

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