Russell Mania

Legislator's art is suddenly in high demand

Durand says she had seen Bowers' sculpture of Wolfswinkle's parents, and was convinced of his abilities. She says she and the Alumni Association are delighted with the work Bowers did for them.

The recently completed statue depicts Kush on one knee and was paid for by donations from Kush's former players. Soon, it will be installed in front of Sun Devil Stadium as part of its rechristening as the home of Frank Kush Field.

"You look at his sculpture of Frank [Kush], and it's just striking," Durand says. "He really captured who Frank is."

Bowers' price, she adds, was also a factor.
"We looked at several artists, and the price ranges were really appalling," she says. "One artist wanted $120,000, and I believe Rusty's bid came in at around half that."

On September 20--the eve of ASU's upset football win over top-ranked Nebraska--Bowers' sculpture, still rendered in clay, was unveiled before the hundreds of players who pitched in to pay for it.

Durand says that when Bowers was introduced to the audience as the man who had created the sculpture, "he was overcome."

"The man literally had tears streaming down his face," Durand says.

--Howard Stansfield

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