DEA Papers List Canelos Firm

Drug Enforcement Administration records contain multiple references to a company controlled by a business partner of the Symington family

"Your allegation that Governor Symington traveled to Mexico in October 1995 to meet with Mr. Canelos because Mr. Canelos could not enter the United States is absolutely false," Dowd states in an April 15 letter to New Times. "As the holder of a valid visa, Mr. Canelos was perfectly free to enter the United States."

The State Department says Dowd is mistaken. A spokeswoman says Canelos did not have a visa in October 1995. Canelos' three-month, one-entry visa expired on September 22, 1995. He was not reissued a new visa until November 29, 1995.

The governor's visit with Canelos at his Culiacan farm came less than two months after a "J. Fife Symington" joined Canelos on the board of directors of Melones Internacional. The governor flew to Culiacan on the Arizona Department of Public Safety's turbojet plane.

Accompanying the governor were his son, J. Fife IV, and Canelos' son, Alejandro Nicolas Canelos. The state bore expenses for the younger Symington and Canelos even though they were not on state business.

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