The Summer of '95

A teenage girl tells police Kevin Johnson won her confidence, then took advantage of her. While her allegations are open to question, there are many questions about KJ's behavior.

In their conversations, Kim says, Johnson in turn claimed to have dated only one woman since his days at the University of California at Berkeley.

Then, as now, Johnson had several people living with him at his big home, including his teenage half-brother--an exceptional athlete and scholar in his own right. Also in residence were at-risk boys.

Kim says Johnson occasionally invited her to his place, and agrees that most of her experiences there--indeed, the vast majority of her time with KJ--were benign. But her tale takes a momentous turn in describing the alleged event that now has become a powder keg.

And her story raises a troubling question: If Kim Adams is lying and bent on punishing Johnson, why doesn't she simply allege they had intercourse?

"That is a little weird," Fred Hiestand says. "She's screwed up."

Last summer, Kim Adams told detective Art Smith about the night in Johnson's guesthouse--how Johnson undressed her, then himself, and how they touched for more than an hour.

"What happened after the fondling?" asked Smith, a veteran cop.
"We didn't have intercourse. It was just a lot of . . ."
"Did he have all his clothes off?"
"Mm hmm. [Yes.]"
"Could you see his penis?"
"I felt it . . . it was dark."
"Okay. Did you have all your clothes off?"
"I may have had socks on."
"Okay. Did he ejaculate or anything like that?"
"Not that I know of."
"Where did you feel his penis at?"
"Um, my leg and my hand."
"So you just brushed up against it?"
"Yeah, I wasn't . . ."

"Being a man," Smith continued, "I can only reflect from a man's point of view, what would have caused this to stop?"

"I don't know. He went to the bathroom and started a shower . . . and then he came and got me."

Kim claimed Johnson washed her body with a bar of soap during the five- to 10-minute shower.

But she told the detective she never saw or felt an erection during the encounter.

After the shower, Kim said, Johnson made her "pinky-promise" not to reveal to anyone what had just happened. (Fred Hiestand says Johnson says he doesn't know what she means by "pinky promise.") Then, he drove her back to her car, which she'd parked, as usual, at a supermarket at 44th Street and Camelback.

In a narrative she composed for her attorney a few weeks ago, Kim described her state of mind that evening:

"I was very confused because I thought we were friends, but I didn't know what else to do than to go along with it. I tried to remove myself from what was happening. I thought that Kevin knew what was right and would never do something to hurt me."

The next day, Kim and Johnson drove to a remote spot to discuss what had happened.

"He didn't kiss me," she told detective Smith last year, "and I knew that he had told me before that kissing was more intimate than sex. So I just felt really cheap and used. . . . We talk, and he says that he feels really bad about that, 'I feel so horrible,' and he says we both need to pray for God's forgiveness, and he just wanted to know if there was anything that he could do to make me feel better, and I said, 'No, not really.' He just told me he wasn't using me or whatever. Then we were outside [the car] 'cuz he wanted to give me a hug, and he tried to kiss me and I wouldn't let him, because I didn't want it to be like that . . ."

A few weeks after the shower incident, Kim Adams says she again spent the night at Johnson's home.

"We were sitting on his bed just talking," Kim wrote in her narrative, "when he started touching me. He put his hands under my shirt and touched my stomach and then pulled away. He touched me a little more and then said he had to stop because it was bad and [he] couldn't get carried away. I spent the night in the guesthouse and he came in to tuck me in and fell asleep in there. Nothing happened except for after the alarm went off the first time he rolled over and put his hand on my breast and then quickly removed it and rolled back over like he had touched a hot stove."

Kim described two other alleged sexual incidents--one while she and Johnson were parked in the lot of a church, and the other behind a building near 40th Street and Camelback.

She says the latter incident occurred after Johnson called her as she prepared to go to bed, and asked her to meet him. She said she complied with his request that she put on a long sweat shirt. They drove to the former site of Johnson's office and stopped.

"He was on top of me and touching me. . . . Mostly my stomach and my breasts," she told the detective. "I kind of turned myself off and I was kind of just laying there."

As the relationship deepened, Kim said, Johnson's influence on her grew:
"Like one night, I had on a black slip dress, simple, and I had a khaki shirt over it, and he said, 'Oh, I can't look at you. . . . You're hurting me.' He made me feel like I was a slut, and I didn't understand what was wrong with what I had on. . . . He told me that he liked me better with short hair, he told me that he preferred me with less makeup on. Now I think it was kind of weird that he was spending every night of his summer with a 16-year-old girl."

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