The Utterances of John Dayl

* * *

Regarding victims of the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing: I don't buy this innocent civilians talk. . . . A de facto state of war exists between many citizens and the federal government.

* * *

After Dayl has, literally for hours, referred to federal workers as "our neighbors and friends" with amateurish sarcasm, a caller named Ilene confronts him about it. She tells Dayl that he's promoting hate. Dayl tells her not to put words in his mouth, that he had said nothing negative about the government employees, but Ilene denounces his sarcasm.

Dayl: How can you possibly accuse me of sarcasm?
Ilene: Because I can hear it.
Dayl: Oh, God has granted you some particular psychic wisdom?
Ilene: Believe me, it doesn't take much to figure you out.

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