Judge Robert Myers ruled against the incensed citizens of Scottsdale who filed enough signatures to force a vote on the Phoenix Coyotes practice ice rink. Judge Myers is also the one who ruled against 131,000 Arizona voters who wanted to vote on the baseball stadium! Keep the heat on those bums. Colangelo owns this town, and New Times is the only opposing voice in town.

Dan Judge

Musically Declined
As a teacher in the Wilson Elementary School District, I think Terry Greene Sterling's column sells Lee Holmes and many children short ("Little Drummer Boy," May 1). The children that I and others have worked with have learned to look beyond where they are and to dream and aspire. More important, these children are learning not only to look out for their own needs, but for the needs of others.

Jane Juliano is the best principal this particular primary school could have. She loves this population and gives tremendous amounts of support to her staff. In 1995, Wilson School District's music program won an award from the City of Phoenix, long before Keith Ballard came to "build up" the program.

There are many different methods of teaching music, and the character of the instructor is important. Anyone who puts his or her program ahead of relationships with students, peers and families and those in authority runs the risk of tremendous hurt. It is, in the least, arrogant, self-serving and, in the long run, hurtful to the children.

I can't help but think that Greene Sterling's main source of information may lack the credibility to tell this story truthfully. Keith Ballard has caused a great deal of hurt and to this day continues to play out a vendetta. In his zeal, he has, unfortunately, lost sight of what matters the most: the respect and support of the community of which he was a part.

Curtis Greenberg

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