While it is true I went to the Sunnyslope High School junior prom with Dennis Bevins, we did not go as a couple but as a foursome. His companion was one Hollie Hamitt (not a Sunnyslope student). Since she and I are no longer friends, you can be sure she was as aghast to see her picture above my name as I was to see my name beneath her picture. And while she may be remembered vividly by one of my more honest classmates as having "hideous makeup and hideous hair," you can be certain I was remembered for looking flawless!

Dennis and Hollie did have a monster of a time at the prom, and I agreed to make sure he got his night of revenge at our future 10-year class reunion, but my junior prom was far from ruined. Thanks for an otherwise adorable article.

Lisa Currie
San Diego, California

Dewey Webb responds: Not knowing what you looked like 11 years ago, I made an honest mistake. And you're right about your former friend's reaction to the goof. Hollie Hammitt, who also notified me of the error, is every bit as mortified--not to mention catty--as you are about this unintentional mix-up.

Junk Bands
Kudos to Bill Blake and his Trashman column (June 19)! CD reviews in mainstream publications have become nothing more than barely concealed sales pitches written by sleazy record-industry pigs. Blake's attitude is one of complete and sometimes brutal honesty. I have yet to take issue with any of his reviews. Know why? Because they've been totally accurate! The new Sammy Hagar is a sick, rehashed joke, and I'm glad someone has the guts to say it. There's a lot of junk music out there that the industry is trying to force down our throats. It's nice to see someone taking the front lines for the rest of us. As long as New Times runs Blake, I'll read New Times. Deal?

Please tell Blake that losing a woman is better than losing yourself. He'll be fine.

Shawn Solomon

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