License to Bill

"Bare allegations, or suspicions, without supporting facts or evidence, are insufficient to trigger an investigation."

That day, Alvarez wrote to Bob Devers about the bar's decision, noting that Hankins' letter would become part of the public record.

"However, [that] will have no adverse impact on your standing with the Bar," she concluded.

Devers didn't have any "standing" with the bar, and never has.
Devers and Clark have had a falling out. Devers now runs the Arizona Bankruptcy Center, a popular document-preparation service. He generally has been careful not to charge more than the $200 limit per customer imposed by the courts last January.

U.S. trustee Kalyna says Anthony Clark recently promised her and the state bar that he won't accept bankruptcy cases as an attorney until he passes the bar exam. Court records show Clark is working with another attorney, Nicholas Fuerst, who is in good standing with the bar.

--Paul Rubin

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