Temp Tantrum
This concerns the column written by Michael Lacey ("Typo Negative," June 5) about the testimony of J. Fife Symington III's former secretary, Joyce Riebel, relating the governor's alleged banking corruption. In discussing Riebel's experience and her previous connections with powerful and influential men, Lacey stated that she is not "some bumbling Kelly girl." It is not clear whether Lacey was specifically referring to temporary employees of Kelly Services, Inc., or was using "Kelly girl" as a generic term for temporary clerical personnel.

Please be advised that "Kelly girl" is a federally registered trademark of Kelly Services, Inc., and, as such, it should not be used as a generic term for temporary personnel or temporary-service companies, but should only be used to refer to our company's employees and services.

Additionally, because of the widespread use of temporary help by satisfied customers and the large number of people who are temporary workers, Lacey's derogatory reference very likely offended many of New Times' readers, as well as our company, who knows temporary workers to be hardworking, honest and intelligent. Please help us protect our trademark and the reputation of our company and our temporary employees by, in the future, only using our trademark when referring to our company's temporary employees or the services furnished by our company.

Cheryth Taylor, legal assistant

Read It and Reap
I couldn't be more pleased with the reporting and writing John Dougherty is doing concerning the trial of our resident crook, the guv. Does Fife Symington make Ev Mecham look good, or what? Well, actually, I could be more pleased. If the other two mainstream newspapers had a little more chutzpah and a little less self-interest, maybe the entire community would get a little more outraged and concerned that Symington and his lawyer, John Dowd, are picking our pockets in broad daylight and no one will call the police. The latest sellout was Doug MacEachern of the Mesa Tribune. In his column, he scolded Dougherty for practicing hate journalism. Maybe so, Mac, but at least it is journalism. Keep it up, John. This community needs New Times now more than ever.

Rich Bertoli
via Internet

Admittedly, we have pretty zany folks in San Francisco and California, but I am wondering: Does long-term exposure to blistering sunshine fry bureaucratic brains down New Times' way? Is it my imagination or is every governor and developer in the Sun Devil state required to become embroiled in the center of controversy shortly after swearing in? I remember Mr. Amazin' himself, old Ev Mecham; and now it's strife with Fife. What gives?

Name withheld

Cell Abrasion
I was very disturbed to read Tony Ortega's story "Keeping 'em in Stitches" (July 24) on what is clearly a hideous case of neglect, and akin to "cruel and unusual punishment" in our county jails. What the jail staff did to inmate Damon Dreckmeier is inexcusable and must be regarded as a crime. The nurses and guards responsible ought to do time behind bars and get a taste of their own bad medicine. My sympathy goes out to Dreckmeier and his family.

However, I must say I'm equally disturbed not just for Dreckmeier but for what this means to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's program and others like it across the country. I consider myself a supporter of reform and of Arpaio's philosophy. As a worker, a taxpayer and a law-abiding citizen, I'm tired of paying for criminals to beef up in fitness centers and watch cable TV in cushy jails. Most people I know feel the same. But the morons on staff who perpetrate the kind of cruelty and gross neglect Dreckmeier suffered give fuel to objectors. They could ruin this program.

There is a middle ground. There is a way to demand from prisoners that they contribute something back to society through useful labor. It is possible to provide inmates with simple, rudimentary, even uncomfortable living conditions, and yet not torture or harm them.

Obviously, staff morale is abysmal. They must not be paid well enough to do a decent job (or the county made the mistake of hiring sadists--in which case, fire them!). Because of the possible consequences--as illustrated in the Dreckmeier case--Arpaio and the county can't afford to cut corners. Basic access to sufficient medical care is a human right, and it must be provided. Arpaio had better make sure his medical and security staff understand this.

Colleen O'Donnell

I enjoyed Tony Ortega's article. We need more of them to expose that egomaniac madman Joe Arpaio. I almost took a job as a nurse at the county jail. I would have been one of the ones who "didn't last."

My son had the misfortune of being in Durango jail for two months last fall. Believe me, even the visitors are treated like criminals. I couldn't bring him anything, such as a hairbrush or a toothbrush. I once put $10 "on the books" so he could get what he needed from the jail store (run by Arpaio's brother). My son went to medical with a terrible toothache, so they took $7 of his $10 for meds.

Please send a copy of this article to the judge in Iceland. I'm sure New Times knows about the one who won't send back that couple wanted by Arizona because he has heard of Arpaio's reputation. Sometimes "dinner" was rice with barbecue sauce.

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