Teri L. Goslin displays her homophobia when she says I "attacked" the dancers by comparing their Men in Black routine to European gay cabaret. How is that an attack? Is there something wrong with being gay? Or European? I made no reference to "breeders against the nonbreeders."

Joscelyn Johnson Andrews asks, "Who cares who attends the games?" I do. This is New Times, not Sports Illustrated. I'm more interested in the social and cultural demographics of the spectators than I am in the game, though I do enjoy the game and will continue to attend.

Andrews suggests that because of my "insecurities," I decided that my "female counterparts must be lesbians." The reality is that I went to a game alone, noticed the crowd, then went to another with a group of lesbians--one a close friend, another a neighbor. I didn't decide they were lesbians--they told me.

In my writing, I speak for myself. When reporting, I say what I saw. When commenting, I say what I think. I don't speak for anyone else. But Goslin, apparently, is in a position to speak for the athletes, while Todzia is speaking for all women.

Mercury games provide a strong social and cultural focus for lesbians in Phoenix. Long may that continue.

Cannon Fodder
I really must disagree with JHP (Letters, July 24). Possibly this letter writer just doesn't get it. Red Meat is one of the funniest strips I have ever read. Beware the pinks.

Jessica Berry

Max Cannon's usually offbeat tempo and dark, bizarre humor never cease to amaze me, and constantly leave me chuckling for several minutes. I say this in answer to JHP's letter to the editor. I'm fairly typical of the comic-reading public: I loved Calvin & Hobbes, enjoy Dilbert and sometimes find Tom Tomorrow's work somewhat amusing.

I can sympathize with JHP in one regard: Zippy the Pinhead struck me as funny as a 17-car pileup without survivors. If that is JHP's problem with Red Meat, then I can see the request to pull the strip. As for those of us who read New Times for the sort of information and entertainment you can't get in a mainstream paper, please keep Max Cannon!

John Kristof
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