Shaman U.

Majoring in mojo at Carlos Castaneda workshop

It occurred to me then that Castaneda and company--whether they know it or not--have become masters of this kind of sorcery. It's by means of corporate magic that a good, rousing workout led by a couple of likable instructors in a hotel ballroom can be shape-shifted into an arcane initiation. There's no earthly harm in it, of course, as long as you can spare 160 bucks and a weekend. There's probably even some benefit. But it's a sort of enchantment all the same, and the Yaqui wizardry has largely been absorbed into it.

On the back of the Tensegrity instructional videos is a disclaimer: "To reduce the risk of injury, consult your physician before beginning this or any other physical movement program. . . ." To the shamans of corporate magic, this is a hex, a talisman, an incantation of exorcism: Get thee behind me, litigants!

And apparently no Yaqui sorcerer, however potent, can speed up room service.

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