Jack Turner

I think Bill Blake's review of Dokken, Slaughter, and Warrant's albums was a waste of a tree. It seems the man had his mind set before he reviewed the albums! He claims the albums "aren't serious." Mr. Trash, music was never supposed to be serious, was it? Keep in mind that these are bands that still have a decent following and have stuck it through, through all of this alternative crap. Is Blake's idea of good music some jerk singing about how depressed he is and wants to die, then turns around and kills himself? Next time, review an album that all these depressed, trendy yuppies care about! Gimme George Lynch over Kurt Blownbrains any day.

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I enjoy "The Trashman" column by Bill Blake. I like the concept of the Bukowski-at-the-trailer-park intro followed by the mocking of artists who deserve it, in spite of what the commercial mainstream wants us to believe. New Times has found a writer who knows the low end but has enough humor, sarcasm and literacy to make fun of it at the same time. Oh, and Blake knows music, too. Feed him all the King Cobra he needs, and keep us up to date on the events down at the park!

Martin Mathis
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Box-Office Gross
Great review of Mimic ("Bug Tussle," Michael Sragow, August 21). I got a little confused with the AH and OH part, but the warning of "gobs of gook ahead" was appreciated. I wish grossing out the American public wasn't so popular. Are grossed out and engrossed related? I wonder . . .

Eileen Sharp
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