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Morrissey: The onetime poet laureate of the gloom-and-doom generation at the fair--how trite. But even hard-core Morrissey holdouts must admit that the singer's best work is behind him, and that big Mo's been mass-shipping depressing--though for all the wrong reasons--albums for years. Take our advice: Toss his latest, Maladjusted, out the window and slap on the Cherry Poppin' Daddies' "Flower Fight With Morrissey"--or, more to the point, the Smiths' The Queen Is Dead. Showtime is 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 22, at Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, in conjunction with the Arizona State Fair (see Thursday). Concert admission, not counting the regular fair entry fee, is two ride coupons. Reserved seating is available for a fee; see the At the Fair listing or call 268-3247 or 252-6771.

Arizona State Fair: See Thursday.
Blithe Spirit: See Thursday.
Cowboy Artists of America Exhibit: See Saturday.
"Icons": See Thursday.
Show Boat: See Thursday.

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