William Gourley
Galveston, Texas

Pollen Count
I must respond to Jen Hagen's letter about her favorite band, Pollen (October 2). As someone who goes to a lot of shows, it bugs me to have to sit and listen to Pollen open up for some great bands. Pollen opened up for the Descendents and played way too long. The band's songs are repetitious and boring, to say the least.

Believe me, if Pollen had a shred of talent and/or energy to its music, I would dig it, too. Just because the guys from All produced the band's album, it doesn't make it good.

Steve Sandala

Out of Round
I have never read a more incorrect review of a CD than Keith Moerer's review of OK Computer from Radiohead (Recordings, July 3). I believe that CD and Pavement's Brighten the Corners are the two best of the year so far. It was good, though, to realize that I cannot trust critics to do my thinking for me. I had a lot of trust in New Times to give me the straight scoop, and maybe it did. If so, it was plain wrong. Everyone has an opinion. Thankfully, mine is right. OK Computer is incredible.

Gary Watson
via Internet

In "A Fine Mess" (Amy Silverman, October 9), a photo cutline misidentified Arizona School Administrators lobbyist Mike Smith as environmental attorney Jeff Bouma.

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