Face Lift

Bankruptcy officials say People's Paralegal owner is up to his old tricks with a new partner

Each of Brown's previous five bankruptcy cases has been dismissed because he didn't file the required paperwork, or failed to pay his $160 filing fee.

Judge Marlar asked Berry if he's continuing to do legal work, in violation of three court orders which bar him from acting as a document preparer, whether as an independent contractor or an employee.

"Obviously, I can work as an employee for an attorney," Berry replied.
"Not doing bankruptcy work."
"But I'm not an employee anyway. . . . I don't give a hoot if I ever do a bankruptcy again."

At the end of the hearing, Marlar allowed Berry to buy more time on the criminal-contempt front. He told the opposing sides to submit paperwork, which means it likely will be weeks, if not longer, before the criminal-contempt case is heard.

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