New Times' strong show of support translates into additional interest in our animal-welfare and protection efforts. What's more, it helps us achieve greater success in finding new homes for the thousands of unwanted, sick and injured animals in our care.

Pets on Parade has been our most successful method of communicating with Valley animal lovers for decades. As a result, we have placed countless cats, dogs and other animals that would otherwise face an uncertain future--or no future at all--with new families. We sincerely appreciate New Times' recognizing the show's importance and bestowing such an honor upon it.

Ken White, executive director
Arizona Humane Society

One day Jim North, Browning-Ferris Industries' environmental manager, may have to eat his words ("Burning Questions," Chris Farnsworth, September 18).

North stated, "We don't burn anything from out of state. Nothing--nothing--comes to this facility for burning from out of state, at all, at any time, whatsoever."

Boy! Those are really strong words. However, words don't mean a damn thing when dealing with BFI. North should show the public his drivers' daily logs and manifests. That is where the real story is. The public has every right to see any and all information regarding medical-waste loads that come into BFI's incinerator. After all, it is in downtown Phoenix!

Eleanor Stahl

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