And I am hurt to think of the misery that such people endure when that happens. Thanks, New Times, for showing those consequences.

Mitch Hughes
San Diego, California

Detest Scores
After gushing over Chuck Knight earlier this year ("Sticking by His Guns," Tony Ortega, January 2), New Times didn't vilify him for being convicted. Now that the governor, New Times' chief hate target, has been convicted, it can close the doors and leave town ("Best of Fife," September 11). And it can take its hatchet.

People won't buy New Times' trash for canary-cage liners, so it has to be given away. New Times' liberal audience's mentality level is eighth grade at best. Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't stick to issues, New Times says. Yet it calls him names and describes his looks and weight while ignoring his side of arguments. How about New Times railing on the criminals Arpaio gets stuck baby-sitting?

If we had fewer liberal judges, we'd have more serial killers, more rapists, more lawbreakers in jail as opposed to playing at will in the street-mayhem league. It's liberals who helped bring this once great nation down. It will take a generation to clean up the messes wrought by liberals.

Don Kerr

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