Doubting Thomas

Tom Bearup helped elect Joe Arpaio and mold the myth of "America's Toughest Sheriff." Now the former executive in the Sheriff's Office is convinced he was wrong.

But opposing the sheriff, Bearup admits, has a chilling side.
He says that the night after his first deposition--a deposition witnessed by Sheriff's Office employee John J. MacIntyre--shots were fired outside his house. Bearup was not at home, but his children reported the shots to the police.

Hentoff: "Do you think there's a connection between the shots that were fired at your house and the deposition that you attended in which you made critical comments to the sheriff?"

Bearup: "It's certainly coincidental that it happened. I don't have any proof that that's what it was. There has been speculation with my wife and I that this is an attempt just to back me off. But as I've said to anybody, my testimony is going to be my testimony, regardless of what my personal feelings are. I was very loyal to the sheriff. I did the best job that I could. He was my friend. He is not my friend today."

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