The Trashman

Where unit-shifting heroes of rock are exposed as the passionless poseurs they really are

Clueless Christmas shoppers seem to be the target market this time around as Gene and banker-bro Paul deliver the final blow to drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Bruce Kulick by releasing this turgid turd, hot on the heels of the aforementioned duo's reunion tour with Ace and Pete. It's a money thang, don'cha know, and nobody cares about faceless Freddies like Eric and Bruce.

The songs on this pile of rot are all padded with two minutes of bloat, and aim for Alice in Chains/Soundgarden variety of brimstone and fecal. "Rain" tackles the rock-poetry subject du jour: "Think it's gonna rain/I think it's gonna rain/Rain down on me." Seems Sir Stanley has an anachronistic love of Seattle!

Take my advice: Steal a copy and sell it back in the name of free trade.

Duran Duran
(Capitol Records)

History has taught us that pop-star parties rarely outlast looks, and Duran Duran is skating on borrowed time.

This is the new album, sounds like the last, only worse. Medazzaland entered the Billboard charts at No. 58 with a bullet last week, then drooped to No. 124. This week, it's at No. 178. It's official. Duran Duran is history.

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