Pete and Eddie

House DJs reunite for Thanksgiving show at Red Monkey

S: Why couldn't you produce that same wax in Phoenix?
PS: I could have produced it, but I don't think it would be getting the same exposure. Also, I was just burnt out on Phoenix. I worked in Phoenix eight, nine years, and I finally reached a point where I realized I was giving more than I should to the scene. I wasn't working enough on my own development. I knew I had to get out of Phoenix and live in a truly global city. I'd done everything in Phoenix, and done it well. I'd been a big fish in a little pond, and now it was time to go for the ocean. When I got here, I knew no one, so I had to just lay low and soul search and listen and gradually introduce myself. And I was thrilled to find a thriving house-music scene out here. The dance culture out here is so big, there's enough people to support a strong scene for every kind of music--house, jungle, whatever--and there's crossover and a lot of mutual respect. It's not so cliquish and political as Phoenix. I want to be clear, though, that I don't want to sound like I'm talking Phoenix down, because I'm from there, and I remember that. When Chupa was really going, like a year before we shut down, it could have hung tough with any club out here, no question.

S: Do you plan to work with Pete again?
EA: Well, I'm sure we'll do remixes of each other's stuff. We're already doing that now. But, honestly, I don't know. We're both just doing our own things right now. He's there and I'm here, and I don't know how it's going to end up. The house he likes is faster and more commercial. But, I will say this, I hope he comes out here in the next year or two, and if he does, then, yeah, I'm sure we'll do something together. I just don't know exactly what. But, like I said before, I remember where I'm from, and any Phoenix DJ that moves out here, they should give me a call, and I'll do everything I can for them.

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