He undoubtedly never had the pleasure of knowing John. John was a very special friend. John wasn't just a pretty voice, but someone who believed in saving wildlife and our environment. John didn't just talk, sing or write about what he believed in, he did something about it. He wasn't a selfish person; he did it for the future of the world so his children as well as others may enjoy the wildlife and beautiful environment that he loved so much. John was a father, son, friend and relative to many people.

Dominic gives tribute to him by spitting on his memory and the good he stood for. He states that every copy of John Denver's Greatest Hits roosts in St. Vincent de Paul shops all over Phoenix. He evidently has not checked retail outlets. It is very difficult to find any of John's music on the shelf.

Like Dominic, John Denver was a human being and he made mistakes. How dare Dominic slander a person in his grave! He is a writer with tunnel vision. Maybe he should borrow John's Oliver glasses so he can see the whole picture. By the way, his copy of John Denver's Greatest Hits, I'll buy it!

Susan D. Knight-Huey

Bell Towers
I just had to write to say how good it was to see Bob Boze Bell in New Times ("Mick & Me!", November 6). And it was classic Boze, too! The "Mick & Me!" piece was great! My friend and I laughed hysterically! It got me to thinking about how much I have in common with Stevie Nicks . . . not!

Pam Eckert

Since I moved from Phoenix to Florida eight years ago, I really miss Bob Boze Bell's irreverence. The "Mick & Me" piece about Boze's similarities with Mick Jagger was hilarious. He hasn't lost his touch!

Roger Sweren
Gainesville, Florida

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