Loose Pucks

It's the end of the world as we know it, and Puck is master of ceremonies

"I'd like to say I was drug-induced," he says by way of explanation. "I was on four hits of acid all day. I took four hits of LSD, woke up, shaved my head bald like a fucking skinhead, put a hat on, put a fake beard on, and went on and did the show. Nobody else can do it, dude."

He calls the current Real World "a piece of shit," and brags that when cast members from other cities call him, he has no time for them. "They think they're like alumnists or something, and I shoot 'em down. I say, 'Don't call me, I don't know you.'"

His End of the World Party duties will include raffling off bikes and bike parts he's collected, as well as samples from the previously mentioned boxes of porno he's accumulated. But, considering the show's End of the World theme, what I wanted to know was, what would this decade's most crass pop-culture icon do if the planet was really approaching midnight. Not surprisingly, Puck has an answer prepared.

"I would just get on the fastest motorcycle I have, I'd go as fast as I could, and I'd go right into a brick wall, and I'd be like frozen dog shit. You could scrape me up with a fuckin' squeegee. I don't wanna go halfway. Just nude at 170 into a wall. Phhht!"

Hmmm. All this apocalyptic talk is starting to sound good.

Who's in town: The obvious big show of the week is a visit from a reunited Jane's Addiction--with Flea on bass for Eric Avery. This band mixed dark, decadent chic with heroic classic-rock naivete, often creating the self-indulgent feel of L.A. forebears the Doors, but with a lot more musical power behind it. The band will be at Mesa Amphitheatre on Thursday, December 4, but the show's long been sold out.

One act to watch is new Mercury signing Mary Cutrufello, a Houston country rocker with Pete Anderson fret skills and Tanya Tucker pipes. She may also be the first major black country-based performer since Charlie Pride's "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" heyday. Cutrufello is scheduled to perform on Friday, December 5, at Nita's Hideaway in Tempe, along with the Low Watts, and Dead Hot Workshop.

--Gilbert Garcia

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