Lacey may or may not know that New Times has an extremely low credibility rating out here in Readerland. Snide ad hominem and subjective attacks, stories expanded with filler and innuendo, and just plain poor investigative reporting are not going to improve that rating. New Times can do better work than this.

Paul S. Gooding

Play Fair
Boy, Robrt L. Pela has his facts wrong yet again ("Saving Faith," November 20)! Arizona Jewish Theatre Company receives general operating support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts (which, in turn, receives some of it from the National Endowment for the Arts), as do Phoenix Theatre and probably Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Both Phoenix Theatre and AJTC receive general operating funding from the Phoenix Arts Commission as well.

Needless to say, we receive a small fraction of the funding Phoenix Theatre receives. We are required by the commissions to give them credit in all of our programs, which we are happy to do. We received no special funding for Little Footsteps. All of this information is public record, and Pela could have checked it before he wrote his review.

I'll tell Pela what--since it pains him so to come to our theater, why doesn't he just not come? I think that will make us both much happier!

Janet Arnold
producing director

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