Master Blaster

Director Bret Michaels blows up on No Code of Conduct set

At last, all is ready. Michaels yells, "Action!" The actors run. There's a sharp, pigeon-scattering BOOM, and a huge fireball billows out from under the grandstand. Michaels yells, "Cut!"

"Cool," I say in my best Butt-head chuckle.
"Fuck!" exclaims Salenger, wide-eyed. She wasn't expecting an explosion of such magnitude. Michaels is delighted with the shot. "See how we compress the image?" he says enthusiastically to me. "It looks like the fire's gonna burn her ass." Evidently, it looked that way to her, too.

I thank Michaels for his hospitality and wish him luck with the film. I'm led back to my car, past the grandstand--right through the evil asbestos cloud.

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