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Pen and Stellar
I just wanted to compliment Tony Ortega on his article about Robert Burnham Jr. ("Sky Writer," September 25). It is a fascinating story, thoroughly researched.

I was told about this story by an entry into my guest book. I'm a recording artist/concert performer, and last year wrote and recorded a song called "Planet X," about Clyde Tombaugh's work discovering Pluto. Every once in a while, I'm tipped off to interesting astronomical stories by fans of my music, and this is another such case.

It's so sad that Robert Burnham died the way he did, but sweet to know that there's an asteroid up there with his name on it. I'm sure that would make him happy. I hope that Ortega's article goes a long way toward making sure Burnham's contributions to science are not forgotten.

Christine Lavin
New York City

Thanks to New Times for the article about astronomer Robert Burnham Jr. I'm sure many other astronomers share my sense of sadness about how his life turned out. Still, it seems that those around him did all they could; if we had known, we still could not have helped. His work stands as a far more enduring monument than most of us will achieve.

Jim Hammer
Wichita, Kansas

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