Double Threat

Ex-Slugger singer Yolanda Bejarano rebounds with new punk band and mariachi side project

Meanwhile, Bejarano's latest punk band is taking shape, with the band recording new tracks with producer Clarke Rigsby at Tempest Recording and preparing to hit local stages in a few months. Though the band is a simple rock trio, with Bejarano on guitar, she has visions of hauling a piano onstage for gigs.

"Why not?" she asks. "I used to set so many limits on myself with everything. It's so dumb. I was so down for a while, a few months ago. You can dwell on those negative feelings, but you just have to go out and do it."

Bejarano expresses some astonishment that the members of Mariachi Colonial, who've backed some of the finest mariachi singers around, consider her to be a talented vocalist. Equally gratifying for her is that her friends accept her willingness to experiment, even if they don't completely grasp her motivations.

"All my friends are so supportive, even if they think this is completely ridiculous and bogus," she says. "They'll say, 'That's crazy, but do it.' I think that's great."

Who's in town: The last week of the year generally isn't the most happening time for national acts to be on the road, so the ice is predictably a bit thin this week. However, the New Year's Eve show at Cajun House in Scottsdale features the always solid Terrance Simien and the Red Hot Louisiana Playboys delivering their bayou dance madness. For those who like their rock with a bit of black spandex, and wish that Headbanger's Ball would come back and save us all, Warrant will rise from the ashes of mousse music with a show at the Mason Jar on Tuesday, December 30. For at least an hour, we can walk in a winter wonderland and pretend that the upcoming new year will be 1988, not '98.

--Gilbert Garcia

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